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Welcome to the ICCQ (Improving Croft and Cowpen Quay) section of the site. This area is dedicated to a local resident led charity that continues the work of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Initiative for the Croft ward of Blyth. We are a partnership, involving local residents from the area with a range of local organisations aiming to improve the local neighbourhood and keep it a safe and pleasant place to live.

You can download our latest PDF Bulletin sent out to residents here - ICCQ Bulletin APRIL 2016

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As part of a week of activity in Croft ward, ICCQ is planning a black bag rubbish collection in the neighbourhood.

If you have received this newsletter through your door, your street will be part of the clean up. On Thursday 17th September, people in NORTH FARM ONLY will be able to put out black bin bags of extra rubbish until 11.00 am of that day. Cowpen Quay and South Croft areas will have collections on Friday 16th September until 11.00 am. Watch out for reminders nearer the time. Neighbourhood teams form the Council will be working with ICCQ and they have said that ONLY black bags will be picked up. Bulky rubbish and regular bin emptying won’t be part of this and people can arrange for their pick up through the usual ways.

During the week, the Police teams will be organising activities and you can come and speak to ICCQ volunteers at St Marys Church from 9.00 – 10.00 on Monday 14th September if you want to get more involved in your community. We’ll send out details nearer the time.

We Need Your Views
Bliss Services and ICCQ are interested in what you think about food poverty and the effect of low income on household budgets. We would be very grateful if you could spare us a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire that has come with the Bulletin. Please return it to the address on the form. You could win a shopping voucher if your completed form is picked out.

You can contact us at Blyth Library, Bridge Street, Blyth, NE24 2DJ




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