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Welcome to the ICCQ (Improving Croft and Cowpen Quay) section of the site. This area is dedicated to a local resident led charity that continues the work of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Initiative for the Croft ward of Blyth. We are a partnership, involving local residents from the area with a range of local organisations aiming to improve the local neighbourhood and keep it a safe and pleasant place to live.

You can download our latest PDF Bulletin sent out to residents here - ICCQ Bulletin APRIL 2016

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What we have agreed...

Northumberland County Council WILL:

  • Provide containers within the local area for recycling of glass and textiles and ensure they are serviced regularly and kept clean and tidy
  • Provide clear advice and guidance on what can and can’t be recycled and the reasons behind this
  • Publicise the performance of Northumberland County Council waste services, in particular the county’s household waste recycling rate
  • Actively work with residents and businesses to improve recycling arrangements

Residents' Responsibilities:

  • Take glass bottles and textiles to the local recycling centres. Be considerate when using glass recycling bins/skips and only use them during daylight hours in order to avoid creating a noise nuisance for nearby residents. Report any problems of untidy/full containers to Northumberland County Council on 01670 627 000
  • Try and reduce the amount of waste generated. Make best use of recycling bins by separating out general household waste, paper, card, cardboard, cans, tins, empty aerosols and plastic bottles for recycling and placing them loose into the recycling bin
  • Only put recyclable items in the recycling bin
  • Actively participate in reducing, reusing and recycling waste

Your Street Reps suggest:"Looking at the Northumberland County Council website for a handy A-Z of Recycling, or picking up a leaflet – “How to recycle more of your waste” from libraries and Council offices."




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