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Welcome to the ICCQ (Improving Croft and Cowpen Quay) section of the site. This area is dedicated to a local resident led charity that continues the work of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Initiative for the Croft ward of Blyth. We are a partnership, involving local residents from the area with a range of local organisations aiming to improve the local neighbourhood and keep it a safe and pleasant place to live.

You can download our latest PDF Bulletin sent out to residents here - ICCQ Bulletin APRIL 2016

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What we have agreed...

Northumberland County Council WILL:

  • Remove fly-tipping on a public street within 3 days of it being reported
  • Where there are large amounts of harmful waste left on private land or in back yards take action in line with their enforcement policy to ensure it is removed as soon as possible - this involves contacting the owner and serving a notice on them if they refuse the initial request to remove the waste, and in some cases can result in Public Health and Environmental Protection placing a charge on the property to ensure the Council can recover their costs
  • Investigate incidents of fly-tipping and take enforcement action against offenders
  • Take away bulky rubbish, collections can be arranged online

Residents' Responsibilities:

  • Report fly-tipping problems and if possible details of the offenders to Northumberland County Council on 01670 627 000
  • Not leave rubbish or waste in back lanes
  • Keep yards and gardens free from large amounts of waste – use Northumberland County Council Bulky refuse collection service or take items to the household waste recovery centre
  • Check that anyone employed to remove waste is a licensed waste carrier. Ask to see the licence as residents can end up in trouble if the carrier is unlicensed

Your Street Reps say:
"We can help you report fly-tipping as soon as it happens."




Other ways to reach us

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    01670 542854

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    Suite G10, Blyth CEC
    Ridley Street, Blyth
    Northumberland, NE24 3AG